Wednesday, March 23, 2011

South Park is surrounded by Aliens

For guys who love South Park, you know that the first episode is about Aliens visiting Earth and giving an Anal Probe to Cartman. If you had watched the episode 'Cancelled' (S07E01) you might have known that 'Earth' is a TV show produced by the Aliens and that the 'anal probe' is a TV signal transmitter. The most common routine of South Park is Kenny dying in almost every episode. But do you know that every episode of South Park has aliens hidden in secret places? You might have spotted an unusual Alien in an unlikely place in one or two episodes, but there are aliens in every episode. You don't believe me? Check out for yourself.

S12E05 'Eek! A Penis'

S07E01 'Jared had Aids'

S03E02 'Spontaneous Combustion' (On the Moon)

S05E08 'Towlie' (On the Towel)

S01E01 'Cartman has Anal Probe' (Food Tray)

S02E15 'Spooky Fish'

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