Friday, July 24, 2009

Indian Cricket Rankings

I just went through the Cricket Rankings for the Test and ODI teams and players at CricInfo.

First of all, India Ranks 3rd in both Test and ODI. India is clearly ahead of the fourth ranked team and only constant poor performance for months together alone will lower India's rank. But India is not far from the 2nd ranked team.

Then I checked the Player Rankings.

ODI Player Rankings:


1. MS Dhoni
2. Yuvraj Singh
7. V Sehwag

No bowlers in top 10.

Yuvraj ranks 8th in all rounders

Test Player Rankings:


1. Gautam Gambhir


6. Harbhajan Singh
10. Zaheer Khan

All Rounders:

10. Harbhajan Singh

Gautam Gambhir being on top was a surprise for me. I knew he would be on top 10 but never expected him to be on the top.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chennai Public Transport goes Hi-Tech

MTC will introduce Global Positioning System (GPS) to all bus stops. Every bus stop in the city will soon have a GPS, a vending machine, a public telephone, a cell-phone charging outlet, ceiling fans and security guards. Nearly 500 such bus stops are coming up in the city before September. Now, due to the GPS, one will have an exact idea of how soon the next bus will arrive.

If any bus suffers a break-down or is over-speeding, or even if it decides to take a detour on another route, the fleet managers will know immediately. Apart from all these features, these bus stops might soon have surveillance cameras, FM radio, water vending machine and an ATM machine.
Bangalore had installed GPS to all its Vovlo buses, two years back. But Chennai is going to be the first city in India to have GPS installed to all its buses.
Also Chennai would be the first city to get a Mass Passenger Information System. The commuters can track buses in their mobile phones and internet too.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pictures Of Volcanic Eruptions

Here are some of the cool pictures of Volcanic eruptions from my collection.

Here is the picture of the volcano on Krakatoa. The latest eruption started in April 2008 and it continues today.

Here is a beautiful picture of a volcano and aurora.

Augustine Volcano, Alaska, on January 30, 2008.

An eruption from Cleveland Volcano, Chuginadak Island, Alaska, taken from a satellite.

A Dormant Volcanic Mountain.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison

I was watching the movie 'The Prestige', which is a story of two magicians. The movie also involves the lives of the inventors Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. According to the movie, Tesla hides from Edison and Edison is interested in destroying Tesla's works. I surfed through the net to find out about these two men and this was what I found.

Thomas Edison is well known for his invention of Direct Current (DC). But what about Nikola Tesla? Have you ever heard of the inventor 'Tesla' or any of his inventions? The only time one might have heard of him in text books is 'Unit of Magnetic Flux Density', which is named after him.

Check through the encyclopedia and find out who discovered the following.

Who discovered Radio? Marconi?
Who discovered X-rays? Roentgen?
Who discovered Vacuum Tube Amlifier? De Forest?
Also check on who discovered the fluorescent bulb, neon lights, speedometer, the automobile ignition system, and the basics behind radar, electron microscope, and the microwave oven.

Very little would the name Tesla be mentioned in these cases, thanks to Edison.

Tesla worked as an assistant to Edison at first. Edison had just invented the electric light bulb, but he needed a system to distribute electricity to houses. He designed a DC (direct current) system, but it had many bugs in it. Edison promised Tesla lots of money in bonuses if he could get the bugs out. Tesla took the challenge and ended up saving Edison over $100,000, which was millions of dollars by today's standards. Edison later refused to keep his promise. Tesla quit not long after that, and Edison spent the rest of his life trying to discredit Tesla (which is the main reason why he is so unknown today).

But there is a huge hidden stories which you would never come across in any books. Visit this page to know more about Tesla and his discoveries.