Friday, December 19, 2008

A/C Bus Station In India

You would have probably heard this news from TV and newspaper that Bharati AirTel has launched India's first ever A/C Bus Station at Kasturiba Street, Bengaluru. Here is a picture of our first ever A/C Bus Station.

It is really nice that India is developing but this is nothing to the one I found on net. Here is a picture of an A/C Bus Station at Curitaba, Brazil. It is simply amazing and our Bharati's is nothing compared to it.

When is India gonna create something as this? No idea! We just have to wait and watch.


A.Harikumar said...

I wonder how long those a/c bus stops would last... Ppl would just start standing in it for the a/c and before you know there are like 100 ppl within it fighting for space and in the end, ending up with a damaged a/c bus stop.... :p some might even goto the limit where they felt that the bus stop was better when it was normal and just take away the a/c from the bus stop.... Great are those, those ppl in India.. :p

Inchara Prakash said...

very rite... Tat's the mentality of the Indians.. Lets c how far it goes..

Kavin said...

ha ha ha... I agree with Hari... it happens only here!!!