Sunday, July 14, 2013


If you are reading this article, expecting it to be about Star Wars, please close this page and save yourself time. This isn't about Star Wars or anywhere near it. This is about Theism and the existence of God or a supernatural being. Please note that anything you read ahead is my own belief on this subject. If any content is found to be harmful to anyone, it was unintentional.

I was having a conversation with a friend over dinner the other day, when the topic of discussion moved towards God and Religion. People, who know me, know that I’m an Atheist. People, who know me better, know that I’m more Agnostic than Atheist. I’m a person who believes more in logic than religion. Our common idea about God’s existence is that, he is the one who created the system (Universe) and keeps it running. The focus of our discussion moved on to what in this Universe could fit in to that description.

Most pagan religions have similar belief. They consider ‘Sun’ to be their God since Sun is what keeps life of Earth intact. But Sun is just one among millions and millions of stars in the Universe and so it can't be God. Could it be Galaxy? A galaxy is just a group of stars. It isn't an entity on its own. So what entity in this Universe could fit that description of God? That’s when it occurred to me. It’s Force! Let me explain.

The Universe began with a Big Bang. Some kind of unknown force caused this massive star to explode. This explosion scattered various elements of the exploding star across the Universe. Some of these elements came together through Gravitational Force to form new stars and planets, which in turn exploded to form more of them. Earth was just a broken piece of rock when it came close to the Sun. Without Gravitational Force and Centrifugal Force, Earth would have been moving across the empty space and never around the Sun. Without these forces, there would never have been life in the first place. Earth’s revolution around the Sun is what makes it habitable for life and its continuous spinning on its axis for 4 billion years is what made its surface smooth and suitable for life. Electromagnetic Force has equally strong role in the Universe as the Gravitational Force. It is responsible for giving things strength, shape and hardness. It is also responsible for electricity without which no technology would have existed. Force such as Tidal Force is responsible for some of the natural disaster on Earth.

Behind every creation, every life, every birth, every death and every natural disaster, Force has its play. This pure energy we call the Force is the only entity in this Universe that clearly fits the description for God and nothing apart from this gives me a more logical explanation to its existence. So, to me, if God does exist, it is in the form of FORCE.