Sunday, July 14, 2013


If you are reading this article, expecting it to be about Star Wars, please close this page and save yourself time. This isn't about Star Wars or anywhere near it. This is about Theism and the existence of God or a supernatural being. Please note that anything you read ahead is my own belief on this subject. If any content is found to be harmful to anyone, it was unintentional.

I was having a conversation with a friend over dinner the other day, when the topic of discussion moved towards God and Religion. People, who know me, know that I’m an Atheist. People, who know me better, know that I’m more Agnostic than Atheist. I’m a person who believes more in logic than religion. Our common idea about God’s existence is that, he is the one who created the system (Universe) and keeps it running. The focus of our discussion moved on to what in this Universe could fit in to that description.

Most pagan religions have similar belief. They consider ‘Sun’ to be their God since Sun is what keeps life of Earth intact. But Sun is just one among millions and millions of stars in the Universe and so it can't be God. Could it be Galaxy? A galaxy is just a group of stars. It isn't an entity on its own. So what entity in this Universe could fit that description of God? That’s when it occurred to me. It’s Force! Let me explain.

The Universe began with a Big Bang. Some kind of unknown force caused this massive star to explode. This explosion scattered various elements of the exploding star across the Universe. Some of these elements came together through Gravitational Force to form new stars and planets, which in turn exploded to form more of them. Earth was just a broken piece of rock when it came close to the Sun. Without Gravitational Force and Centrifugal Force, Earth would have been moving across the empty space and never around the Sun. Without these forces, there would never have been life in the first place. Earth’s revolution around the Sun is what makes it habitable for life and its continuous spinning on its axis for 4 billion years is what made its surface smooth and suitable for life. Electromagnetic Force has equally strong role in the Universe as the Gravitational Force. It is responsible for giving things strength, shape and hardness. It is also responsible for electricity without which no technology would have existed. Force such as Tidal Force is responsible for some of the natural disaster on Earth.

Behind every creation, every life, every birth, every death and every natural disaster, Force has its play. This pure energy we call the Force is the only entity in this Universe that clearly fits the description for God and nothing apart from this gives me a more logical explanation to its existence. So, to me, if God does exist, it is in the form of FORCE.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reasons to Believe!

I was as usual browsing and I came across this beautiful song called 'Whatever' by 'Oasis'. The lyrics of this song is beautiful. But it was this class of cute kids who sang this song in perfect harmony that made this song even more beautiful. Coca-Cola used this song to create a beautiful commercial.

Here goes the lyrics:

I'm free to be whatever I
Whatever I choose
And I'll sing the blues if I want

I'm free to say whatever I
Whatever I like
If it's wrong or right it's alright

Always seems to me
You only see what people want you to see
How long's it gonna be
Before we get on the bus
And cause no fuss
Get a grip on yourself
It don't cost much

Free to be whatever you
Whatever you say
If it comes my way it's alright

Free to be whatever you
Whatever you say
If it comes my way it's alright

You're free to be wherever you
Wherever you please
You can shoot the breeze if you want

Whatever you say
If it comes my way it's alright

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finally! I broke into my own house!

This is quite a funny story that happened to me yesterday. My parents had left for Bangalore early in the morning and I was working at night. I reached home at about 7:30 in the morning. The way back home was not good since it rained at night and my street was filled with muddy water. As soon as I entered the gate I emptied my pocket and washed my muddy shoes and the mud off my pants. When I reach the door I realized that I did not have the keys.

I was locked out of my own house with no spare keys. I was homeless for the entire weekend. I decided to break in. Now let me explain about the door. Its an Iron Door with a latch and a padlock. The door is not strong enough as it was an additional door. Luckily I had the key for the other door or I would have had to break two doors to get in.

There is a shed in my garden where we keep most of the tools. But last year's rain had broken down a part of the shed. So my dad shifted some of the tools back inside the house. I looked for a hammer but didn't find one. I found a crow bar, placed it in-between the loop of the padlock and pushed it with all the strength I could use.

After 30 minutes of attempt to break open the pad lock I realized that it was not possible since the holder is weaker than the lock itself. After all this struggle, I noticed that the holder was bent in a bad shape but it did not have any effect on the padlock.

Frustrated, I slowly walked around my garden and that's when I found it on the ground. Apparently I had my key with me and I must have dropped it when I emptied my pocket. Thinking about my stupidity and the valuable 30 mins that I wasted, I picked up the key and tried to open the lock. Looked like there was a little damage done to the lock as it was not opening. I pressed the locked hard and tried to turn the key and after a few attempts I was finally able to open it.

Now all that was left was to pull the latch and get in. But the story was not over. The damage on the holder was bad enough that the latch was stuck and it was not coming off. I picked up the crow bar and started hammering the holder in the opposite direction, but in vein. No matter how hard I hit the holder, was not able to bring it back to shape. I searched the shed again and found an iron filer. I placed the filer in between the latch and tried to pull it out. After another 15 mins of struggle I was finally able to pull the latch out. And what are the effects of dropping the keys? Damaged lock, damaged latch in the door and I had to break into   my own house.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Choking Story!

South African cricketers are called as the 'Chokers'. Recently you might have caught glimpses of their chocking abilities. Most recent ones are as follows.

Feb 21, 2010 - South Africa lost to India by 1 run.
Chasing a stiff 299, they were reduced to 180 for 7. But then brilliance of Kallis helped them to get to 290 for 8. Unable to withstand the pressure they lost their last two wickets easily hence losing by 1 run.

Jan 15, 2011 - South Africa lost to India by 1 run.
Chasing 191, they were 152 for 4 when they lost 6 wickets for only 37 runs losing by just 1 wicket.

Mar 6, 2011 - South Africa lost to England by 6 runs.
Chasing a mere target of 172, they were 124 for 3 when they lost 7 wickets for 41 runs.

South Africans have a history of World Cup chokes. They 'Choke to Death' in all the World Cups. Here is their famous history.

1992 World Cup:

South Africa was facing England in the Semi-Final. They needed 22 to win off 13 balls. Rain interrupted play for 2 overs. When play resumed, the target was revised to 21 to win off 1 ball. The most unluckiest way to get out of the World Cup.

1996 World Cup:

It was the Quarter-Final and South Africa were facing West Indies. Needing 265 to win, South Africa were 186 for 3. They then lost the next 4 wickets for just 12 runs, which ended up losing the game by 19 runs and knocked off the World Cup.

1999 World Cup:

Who can ever forget the magnificent Semi-Final between South Africa and Australia. Being a nail-bitter, South Africa needed 9 runs off the last over with only 1 wicket in hand. Lance Klusener hits two boundaries off the next two balls thereby needing just 1 run to win off 4 balls. And then the silliest thing happens. Klusener pushes the ball and runs a quick run and Alan Donald just stands there looking at the ball. Both the batsmen ends up in the same side of the wicket and an easy run out ties the game. Since Australia had higher points compared to South Africa, they enter the finals and South Africa crashes out of the World Cup.

2003 World Cup:

South Africa had a forgettable World Cup at home. But a win off the final league match against Sri Lanka will see them into the Super Six Stage. Due to the rain, the target for South Africa was revised to 230 off 45 overs, meaning they need 7 runs to win off 2 balls. Mark Boucher hits a SIX which made South Africa need just one run off the last ball. Boucher then defends the last ball without even attempting a run. What the hell happened there? Someone had told Boucher that it was only 6 runs to win off the last two balls. After the SIX he assumed that the game was won and he didn't bother to run off the last ball. The tie in this match meant that South Africa did not have enough points to get to Super Six and they crashed out of the World Cup.

2007 World Cup:

Well, this is the only World Cup were South Africa did not choke but they just gave it away during the Semi-Finals against Australia. Winning the toss and batting first, South Africa lost all their wickets for 149. Australia chased down the score with no trouble at all.

2011 World Cup:

So far South Africa have reach the Quarter-Final which they are to play against New Zealand today. Will they choke in the Quarter-Finals? Or will they choke in the Semi-Finals? They have never been to a World Cup Final. I really wish they would enter the Finals this time. Let's wait and watch.

Edited after the Match:

The chokers choked again. With 222 to win against a feable New Zealand attack, South Africa were 121 for 3. 100 to win with 7 wickets in hand. And guess what? They lose 4 wickets for the next 11 runs and ends up with 172 all out. Will they ever be lucky?