Monday, March 22, 2010

Karbon Kamaal Catch!

I'm not used to post others posts in my blog, but I read this one and I kind of liked it. It's about the "catch-phrases" used in the IPL.

Posted by Sam Garfield at Cricinfo Blogs.

"The tournament is just over a week old but we already have one clear winner: “Karbon Kamaal Catch” has gone effortlessly past terms such as “DLF Maximum” and “Citi Moment of Success” to emerge as the most nauseating term in cricket.
The clincher is of course the word Kamaal, which translates to “magically wonderful”. So when the commentator gushes about a dolly at cover being a Kamaal catch, it makes the sellout even more pathetic. And then he goes on about how a missed catch could have been a Karbon Kamaal Catch and how a Karbon Kamaal Catch was also a Citi Moment of Success.
But this is the one I’m waiting for: "Ah, that could have been a Karbon Kamaal Catch, but it is a DLF Maximum, and that’s a Citi Moment of Success."
I wonder if the corporates who hand out the cash to make commentators go silly ever worry about ridicule."


Kavin said...

ha ha ha... awesome post... had the same thoughts about the phrase... awful word to use for commentary... everytime, a catch is there... 'that is a karbon kamaal catch'... worssst!

Siddhartha said...

exactly what goes through my mind while watching the ipl and these days they are showing ad's on the on-field screen too, just unbelievably pathetic ipl is these days with those ad's and stupid commentry..
By the way, it's karbonn kamal katch, not catch.

joshua said...

siddharta shutup, u cant be a good old karbonn kamal 'catch'

joshua said...