Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Are We Doing?

India has been having political problems with Pakistan and China for years. We might have won certain wars but what have we actually achieved? Did we keep Jammu and Kashmir safe from their invasion? Have a look at the present map of Jammu and Kashmir. The complete northern areas in green now belongs to Pakistan and the eastern area called Aksai Chin belongs to China. Only the orange part belongs to India now.

The famous victory of Kargil War didn't keep Pakistan away from Kashmir but the hard truth is we just kept them from further invasion. With nearly half of our precious Kashmir into the hands of our enemy are we looking to get it back? What are we actually doing? Do our politicians think that Pakistan will give it back to us as a gift if we have "PEACE TALKS"???

I can understand that India least require a war at this point of time when our economy is booming and we are nearing the developed stage. Yet it is unbelievable to think that India isn't trying to get it back at all.

I just hope that India's map in the future will be the same as at Independence (with the full J&K under India).

Friday, December 19, 2008

A/C Bus Station In India

You would have probably heard this news from TV and newspaper that Bharati AirTel has launched India's first ever A/C Bus Station at Kasturiba Street, Bengaluru. Here is a picture of our first ever A/C Bus Station.

It is really nice that India is developing but this is nothing to the one I found on net. Here is a picture of an A/C Bus Station at Curitaba, Brazil. It is simply amazing and our Bharati's is nothing compared to it.

When is India gonna create something as this? No idea! We just have to wait and watch.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Here is one forum where you can find out any developments in any city across the world. Its the SkyscraperCity Forum. This forum is constantly updated by the citizens who do not give out false news about any developments as the politicians do.

Click Here to visit the Chennai page of the forum. There are many topics such as Flyover projects, transport projects, IT park projects, etc. Every development of the city can be noted here along with some beautiful pictures. The picture of the models or every IT parks and every fly-overs are also posted. This forum is the best way to find out the development of your city.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Geminids Possible?

The time is 3 am on the day of the Geminids. I just went up to my terrace to have a look at the sky. Just as I hoped there wasn't any clouds. I was really happy about it. But something else started bothering me. It was the full moon. The moon was very bright. It was almost near the zenith (the point exactly over your head). The moon was so bright such that even the great Orion Constellation was very dull. And the stars in the sky was countable. All I could see on the sky other than the moon was the Orion belt, Betelguese, Regiel, Sirius, Regulus, Pollux, Arcturus, Canopus, Capella, Aldebaran, Procyon and ofcourse Saturn. The number of stars in the sky is so easily countable. I wonder how many of the meteors can actually be seen. Its gonna be difficult but I'll never let my hopes down.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Geminids 2008

Hi guys... Its meteor showers tomorrow. Its called Geminids because the meteors appear to originate near the Gemini constellation. Geminids are one the best meteor showers of the year. Its bright and you can catch up as much as 100 meteors an hour. So look around the sky between 8 pm on Dec 13th, saturday until 4am on Dec 14th, sunday.

For other details visit the post "Geminids 2008" on my other blogspot blog, "Fly With a Twitter".

Being Full Moon, we may only be able to catch up bright meteors. So be patient. Happy meteor hunting.

The Twelfth Dimension

Hi friends... This is my new blog, named, "Twelfth Dimension". My other blogs Blogspot and Wordpress named, "Fly With a Twitter", are purely about Astronomy. In this blog I will post anything I feel like, including Astronomy, Music, News, Entertainment, Sports, etc.

Coming to the title, if you have heard about the String Theory or M-Theory, you would have heard that there are probably 10 or 11 dimensions. You are now gonna look into the world through the Twelfth Dimension, ie through my blog. Lolz. Enjoy reading it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008