Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finally! I broke into my own house!

This is quite a funny story that happened to me yesterday. My parents had left for Bangalore early in the morning and I was working at night. I reached home at about 7:30 in the morning. The way back home was not good since it rained at night and my street was filled with muddy water. As soon as I entered the gate I emptied my pocket and washed my muddy shoes and the mud off my pants. When I reach the door I realized that I did not have the keys.

I was locked out of my own house with no spare keys. I was homeless for the entire weekend. I decided to break in. Now let me explain about the door. Its an Iron Door with a latch and a padlock. The door is not strong enough as it was an additional door. Luckily I had the key for the other door or I would have had to break two doors to get in.

There is a shed in my garden where we keep most of the tools. But last year's rain had broken down a part of the shed. So my dad shifted some of the tools back inside the house. I looked for a hammer but didn't find one. I found a crow bar, placed it in-between the loop of the padlock and pushed it with all the strength I could use.

After 30 minutes of attempt to break open the pad lock I realized that it was not possible since the holder is weaker than the lock itself. After all this struggle, I noticed that the holder was bent in a bad shape but it did not have any effect on the padlock.

Frustrated, I slowly walked around my garden and that's when I found it on the ground. Apparently I had my key with me and I must have dropped it when I emptied my pocket. Thinking about my stupidity and the valuable 30 mins that I wasted, I picked up the key and tried to open the lock. Looked like there was a little damage done to the lock as it was not opening. I pressed the locked hard and tried to turn the key and after a few attempts I was finally able to open it.

Now all that was left was to pull the latch and get in. But the story was not over. The damage on the holder was bad enough that the latch was stuck and it was not coming off. I picked up the crow bar and started hammering the holder in the opposite direction, but in vein. No matter how hard I hit the holder, was not able to bring it back to shape. I searched the shed again and found an iron filer. I placed the filer in between the latch and tried to pull it out. After another 15 mins of struggle I was finally able to pull the latch out. And what are the effects of dropping the keys? Damaged lock, damaged latch in the door and I had to break into   my own house.

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Kavin said...

lolz... you didn't put the moral of the story... "the key is out there somewhere"