Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Are We Doing?

India has been having political problems with Pakistan and China for years. We might have won certain wars but what have we actually achieved? Did we keep Jammu and Kashmir safe from their invasion? Have a look at the present map of Jammu and Kashmir. The complete northern areas in green now belongs to Pakistan and the eastern area called Aksai Chin belongs to China. Only the orange part belongs to India now.

The famous victory of Kargil War didn't keep Pakistan away from Kashmir but the hard truth is we just kept them from further invasion. With nearly half of our precious Kashmir into the hands of our enemy are we looking to get it back? What are we actually doing? Do our politicians think that Pakistan will give it back to us as a gift if we have "PEACE TALKS"???

I can understand that India least require a war at this point of time when our economy is booming and we are nearing the developed stage. Yet it is unbelievable to think that India isn't trying to get it back at all.

I just hope that India's map in the future will be the same as at Independence (with the full J&K under India).


shyam.... said...

politicians play the game here.they are benefitted all the time.poor army people lay down their life.its better if there is no more wars.enough is enough.its highly painful to see lives going this way.

Anonymous said...

near developed .. !! un has given a report saying india has to wait more than 100 years to be considered in the race for developed nation !!