Sunday, April 4, 2010

Will It Work?

*~*Disclaimer: The following content is purely of my own. I never came across it or was inspired anywhere from any books or from any site.*~*

I always wanted to post things that my mind comes out with and where else can I post other than in blogs? I got this idea fairly recent and I have no idea if its possible or not. It may even sound stupid.

I am always a fan of India and am always proud to be an Indian. I strongly hope that India would be a developed country by 2020. Its been 10 yrs since the road to development started. India has changed a great deal in the last 10 yrs but I don't think these changes are fast enough to make us a developed country in the next 10. There is one thing that India must try to concentrate hard and it is 'Science and Technology'. Our S&T has always been lagged compared to the Europeans and Americans. We had never been able to catch up with their S&T. Why is it so?

We always have to wait for Samsung and Sony to bring in LED TVs, Nokia and Sony Ericsson to bring in new technologies in Mobiles, etc. We do not even have HD discs where as in US, HD discs are replaced by Blue-Rays. Why do we always depend on foreign companies to decide when to bring in the technologies to our country? Why isn't there a single Indian company which can try to bring in a new technology on its own before the foreign ones? The answer is simple. The Indian companies cannot afford to waste money doing research, when they can produce hundred more products with the same cost. Instead they wait for the technology to come here so that it is easier to comprehend and also spend less money.

Whereas take ISRO. Its had its own R&D department. It creates its own model of rockets and satellites. And where does ISRO stands? It is One of the 7 Space Departments in the world which launches its own satellites. It is One of the 5 Countries in the world which has its own space program. It may not be the best, but being in top 5 is not an ordinary feat.

So then I came up with an idea (may or may not be possible). Our Government can build an organisation/laboratory which will work only on researches in technologies in every possible field (just like CERN laboratories in Switzerland). This org/lab must try to do research in every new technology that comes up anywhere across the globe. It can sell any successful research to any Indian company so that we can start producing our own products with latest technology and also with good standards. Our govt must maintain an annual budget. It may find its profit by selling the research reports to the companies.

As far as I can see, this org/lab can help not only in improving the technology but also the infra-structure. It opens thousands of job opportunities. Also MS graduates can work here in India rather than working for other countries.

This can also promote the people to buy Indian products as we can meet the same standards of the foreign ones. If this works then it may result in decrease in imports and increase in exports, which is the most important thing for a country to be recognized as a developed one. Remember the old slogan, 'Be Indian Buy Indian'? It may be possible.

I do not have any knowledge on Marketing and so I do not know if this is logically possible. I would love to view your comments (positive or negative). If you think this can work and if you love to see a developed India I would ask you to spread this message. May be it will work.


Kavin said...

yup... it should work... definitely new technology will play a role... almost every top brand companies do have a R&D dept but they are limited to having lesser equipments whereas the companies here possess all kind of technology they desire...

mohan kumar said...

i don think our govt. could do this..... it would still remain with red tapism and bureaucracy as in govt. organisations..... if some private companies like reliance and tata join hands n set up a R&D plant, it would be an initative..... but the idea is really good machi..... try asking some experts at work place da