Thursday, June 4, 2009

Am Back!

Hi friends!!!

Its been nearly 5 months since I posted or read any of my friends' blog. For the last five months I was completely cut-off from the internet. But now I'm back.

These five months hold some special place in my heart. It has been the best and the hardest time of my life (so far). It was the last semester of my college life and surprisingly my entire class was so close together throughout the semester. We never bunked a single class and almost all of us had the attendance of above 90% (for the first time after first sem).

Having only two days of college in a week (thu and fri) each of us were looking forward for those days. Had the best time of our college life, had lots of fun, played lots of pranks and laughed our guts out. For a change, we celebrated our own farewell with our staffs in the staff room. We bought a huge cake and gave it to our staffs and made each of them give a speech.

The last working day of the college was very sentimental. Most of us ended up crying. And on the last day of exams we chatted, joked around and had the last fun at college.

Now that the college has ended, everyone has parted on their own ways. Most of us have no idea where our future lies. I just wish that each of us find a happy future and hope to be in touch quite regularly.

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Vivek said...

haha... you cried?! i mean the classmates... lol!! :P

not even one person from our class had the slightest feeling tht we r going away from coll and had to cry! :P

our seniors cried..a LOT! :P