Monday, June 8, 2009

Encounter With Snakes

I have come across Snakes quite a number of times in my life. I have not been attacked from any one so far (luckily) and I hope it will never happen.

The first time I ever came across a snake was around 12 yrs ago. I saw my dad chasing something in the garden with a stick. I thought of helping him when he called out not to come nearby at all. Out of curiosity I went near him and saw a snake trying to crawl out of the garden and my dad nearly killed it.

The second time was as nearly as 3 yrs ago. I came home after the culturals at IIT Saarang. I was too tired and decided to sleep without eating. As I was entering my room, mom called out not to go to the room as there is a snake. I was half asleep already and I went into the room to notice the snake had curled on the window grill, which was very close to the bed. I went straight to the other room and slept off. Only in the following morning i realized that there was a snake in my room and when I asked my mom what happened to it, she replied that my dad killed it.

The third one was the most funniest and the best encounter i ever had. It was during the third semester exams and me along with Jabez and Barath were sitting together (I was at the extreme right) and studying in one of the atriums. Suddenly a guy ran across us from right to left and shouted, "Snake!". I turned to see a snake just a meter away from me. I was nearest to the snake and hence i was more prone to be attacked. I just jumped backwards, out of reach of the snake. The snake kept on crawling and ended up near my bag. My bag was opened and the snake comfortably went inside the bag and came back out. By this time one of the security guard came with a stick and chased it away. I found it really difficult to use that bag since then but luckily my exam didn't go bad that day.

The fourth one had been fairly recent. It was a month ago and I was walking towards my college, talking with my sister over phone. As I was walking I saw a snake crawling from the river to the other side of the road. This time I didn't even bother about the snake and it didn't bother about me.

All these snakes I have come across are of the same species (I don't know which one it is). And I realized that these snakes will not harm any human until it feels insecure. That is, if you don't try to harm these snakes, they will not harm you.

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