Friday, July 24, 2009

Indian Cricket Rankings

I just went through the Cricket Rankings for the Test and ODI teams and players at CricInfo.

First of all, India Ranks 3rd in both Test and ODI. India is clearly ahead of the fourth ranked team and only constant poor performance for months together alone will lower India's rank. But India is not far from the 2nd ranked team.

Then I checked the Player Rankings.

ODI Player Rankings:


1. MS Dhoni
2. Yuvraj Singh
7. V Sehwag

No bowlers in top 10.

Yuvraj ranks 8th in all rounders

Test Player Rankings:


1. Gautam Gambhir


6. Harbhajan Singh
10. Zaheer Khan

All Rounders:

10. Harbhajan Singh

Gautam Gambhir being on top was a surprise for me. I knew he would be on top 10 but never expected him to be on the top.


Kavin said...

Despite the good rankings, the Indians fail to lose most of the matches in the recent past... I guess they lost the winning formulae for T20... lets wait and watch the Champions Trophy...

Vivek said...

jobless fellow!!!!!

Inchara Prakash said...

Nah...We have been losing only T20s.. But we have been winning ODI's as usual... Just one loss in every series...