Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chennai Public Transport goes Hi-Tech

MTC will introduce Global Positioning System (GPS) to all bus stops. Every bus stop in the city will soon have a GPS, a vending machine, a public telephone, a cell-phone charging outlet, ceiling fans and security guards. Nearly 500 such bus stops are coming up in the city before September. Now, due to the GPS, one will have an exact idea of how soon the next bus will arrive.

If any bus suffers a break-down or is over-speeding, or even if it decides to take a detour on another route, the fleet managers will know immediately. Apart from all these features, these bus stops might soon have surveillance cameras, FM radio, water vending machine and an ATM machine.
Bangalore had installed GPS to all its Vovlo buses, two years back. But Chennai is going to be the first city in India to have GPS installed to all its buses.
Also Chennai would be the first city to get a Mass Passenger Information System. The commuters can track buses in their mobile phones and internet too.

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