Sunday, December 20, 2009


I found some really exciting ads this year. Lots of creativity and almost every time these ads were played on the TV, I wouldn't take my eye away. Here are some of my favorite ads.

TATA DOCOMO Friendship Express:

This is not a great ad but execellent music and creativity. The music here is known as A Cappella (music without any instruments). The best part of this ad is that it starts with the basic du-du-du DOCOMO music and finally gets into fusion with Indian Classical. Who ever composed it, Great Job!

Simply Reliance:

One of the best of its kind and a perfect harmony with everything. Awesome Flute by Naveen, awesome choreograph by Prabu Deva and excellent dancing and acting by Hrithik. A simple story of Pied Piper and innovation! Worth Watching a million times!

Vodafone Zoozoo:

I guess most of you will agree with me, this is THE BEST ADS I have seen in a long long time. Lot's of hard work behind this one. Some of you may think its a CGI. But no! Its real humans acting in costumes. And that's what makes these ads even more awesome. They are short, simple and funny. Around 30 ads were created, each about a Vodafone subscription. These ads were made exclusively for IPL 2009.

Click Here to watch all the ads in You Tube in playlist.

You can Download zoozoo ads HERE.


Siddhartha said...

i write a post on most irritating ad's and you write on most creative ad's!!!!anyways i hate that tata docomo ad really irritating(what does it mean,and what does a cellular company has to do with it,people standing in a train and shouting 2 2 2 2?) and hritic looked like a beggar in the other ad,ZooZoo's were the best of all no doubt they were really good.Anyways sometimes people may have different opinions you have your and mine's written above.

Inchara Prakash said...

I agree tat DOCOMO ad doesn't make sense but I was talking abt the music. It is the only Indian A Cappella Music which actually sounds great other than ARR's 'Rasathi' from 'Thiruda Thiruda'. If u hear the other A cappella music then u may agree with me.

And Hrithick is supposed to be looking like a begger. That's the character of Pied Piper.