Monday, September 20, 2010

Too Many, Too Soon!

Well, for the last one year my life was moving very slowly. Finished Engineering but still had backlogs, unemployed, and worst of all, sitting vetti at home almost all the time. But things changed after a year, and it changed too quick.

The very next day I finished my backlog exams, I attended an interview at Allsec Technologies for a BPO. I got selected and was asked to join the next day. I made some lovely friends in there within 3 days. Work at Allsec was fun. I worked there for about 2 and a half months and meanwhile one of my friends told me about this job at E4E technologies for an enterprise support. I found this job to lead me to a better future and attended an interview there and got that one too. I'm currently under training there.

Well, that's about my work. My sister gave birth to a girl just a day before my birthday. She is very cute! She is named 'Simra' (meaning Princess). Mom started talking to sis ever since Simra was born. Also a week back my sister brought my niece home for the first time ever. Mom has bonded well with sis but dad is yet to. I guess it will take time for him to come down.

I also bought gifts for my sis' b'day and my niece's naming ceremony from my own salary. It's a pretty nice feeling when things are going so smooth all of a sudden. And all of this happened within a month. I hope life continues to go smooth for the coming months. :)

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