Friday, October 29, 2010

Who is Mysterion?

If you are a fan of South Park, you would have watched the episode, "The Coon" (S13 E02), where Cartman poses as a superhero calling himself as "The Coon" and a mystery superhero, who calls himself "Mysterion" steals his show. At the last scene of the episode Mysterion removes his mask and Mr. Garrison says, "He's in my class", but everyone has the similar face in South Park. Hence the mystery of the Mysterion was left a mystery.

The latest episode of South Park, "The Coon 2: Hindsight", brings back the Coon and the Mysterion along with few new superheros forming a team called, "Coon and Friends". This is a two part episode (the second part will be played next week).

The superheros in this team are:

Coon = Cartman
Toolshed = Stan
Iron Maiden = Timmy
Tupperware = Token
Mintberry Crunch = Bradley (A new blond guy)
Human Kite

The identity of Mysterion, Mosquito and Human Kite were left a mystery. Before the end of the episode, the team without the mask is shown. So Mysterion, Mosquito and Human Kite could possibly be Kyle, Kenny and Clyde (not in order).

The way Cartman beatsup Mosquito makes me think Mosquito could be Kyle. So Mysterion could either be Kenny or Clyde.

Cartman always picks up on Kenny as well. In the episode, "The Coon", when Mysterion unmasks, Cartman was only delighted. I dont think he would have reacted so if he had realized that Kenny was Mysterion. So my guess would be Clyde.

Hopefully, next week, they will reveal who the real Mysterion is.


Anonymous said...

yeah back in the first coon episode, the coon goes to kyle for help at one point so he's out. And Cartman would have probably been pissed if it was kenny in the last episode so clyde is a good guess

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Kavin said...

I have just seen around 6 episodes in South Park so far... yet to see the rest... lol