Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back To The Start

Well, this is a song I wrote months ago when I was just sitting at home idle. It was exam time and I had a huge book-fever. I couldn't read a line and my head was throbbing heavily. There was not a single game in my PC and net wasn't working, nothing worth watching on TV. Altogether, it was one longest day of my life and I was almost reaching madness. I don't know how but I ended up writing this song. Hope its good!

"Everytime I try to do it,
I'm failing all again.
I try to do it one last time,
But I lose the hope away.

I'm trying hard,
Yet I'm far.
I falling right back to the start.

I didn't wish this to happen,
But I couldn't help myself.
I guess its getting too much for me,
Yet I got to do that.
I know I cannot finish,
What I intended to do.
Well, I'm never gonna stop,
Coz, I want  to do it, woo hoo!"

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