Sunday, February 7, 2010

B'lore Trip

Me and my friends (Hari, Rohan and Kavin) had planned to have a holiday trip every year starting from '09. But it remained as a plan. Last month I had to go to B'lore for my cousin's 10th b'day party. As Ro was totally bored he decided to join me. Later we convinced Hari too (Kav was in US and he couldn't join). And hence our the trip plan began (even though a year later).

It was a 4-day trip and we decided to cover B'lore and Mysore (Even though 4 days wasn't enough). We boarded the train on 22nd night. Our berth wasn't confirmed, it was only RAC. So we had to share the berth and we couldn't sleep properly that night.

23rd Jan:

We reached B'lore in the morning. The climate was freakishly cold and we were waiting for our auto (a family friend in b'lore booked an auto for us for the entire day). We went went straight to my uncle's house, had breakfast, and made a huge plan for the day and began our journey. We first visited a place called 'Iskcon', a society for the disciples of Lord Krishna. It was a good place to visit whether or not you are a devotee. We then went to 'Sankey Tank', a large tank where boating is available. Unfortunately it was closed. It was noon already. Our next plan was to the museum but we were so tired that we decided to bunk it. We then went to the planetarium. There were a lot of interesting science experiments. We then went for the planetarium show and the funniest part is that all three of us slept off. We realized that we were too tired and so we had lunch in a restaurant and went back to my uncle's place and slept for three hours.

After a good sleep, we went to visit the musical fountain. It was nice in the first few mins but then it was all repetitive. We were about to visit the 'Vidhan Soudha', when the auto broke-down. We paid the auto and walked to the MG Road. It is the best place to spend time for any youngster in India. The road is full of bars, pubs, coffee shops and restaurants. We spent the entire evening there trying out food we never had before. 

24th Jan:

It was the party day (cousin's 10yr bday party). Ro decided to visit his grandmother in the morn, while me and Hari went for a walk around the place, promising my uncle that we'll be back on time for the party. Me and Hari walked and walked and we were surprised that we reached on time for the party. The cake was ready and the b'day boy was sitting the b'day hat. But everyone were staring at us. Only when we went inside we realized that the party had already begun (Ro was back only after the party finished). The rest of the afternoon passed by Hari and me scaring my niece with a party snow.

At dusk when everyone left, Hari, Ro and I decided to visit the 'Forum Mall'. We spent the entire evening in the mall looking around various shops and beautiful girls File:icon wink.gif.

25th Jan:

 We took a bus to Srirangapatnam in the morning. It was a 3-hour journey from B'lore. We spent the entire time making jokes, having fun and snapping pictures of everything we came across. We were planning to go to 'Balmuri Falls'. We reached Srirangapatnam in the afternoon and we asked for an auto who asked for Rs. 400. We decided to ask someone if there was a bus that leads there. One guy asked us to take a bus to a place he called, 'pompus', and another bus to another destination and a 4km walk. We got into the bus but the conductor was staring at us when we asked for 'pompus'. We repeated our destination another 4 times and there was no reaction from him. Then a guy next to us corrected it as 'Pump House'. It was hilarious.

On the way to the falls we found a restuarant called, "The New Inchara Hotel". The new Inchara fed us some tasty food after which we went to the falls. After the long walk the surprise was awaiting. It wasn't the falls we were expecting. The height of the falls was barely up to my waist.

We spent some fun time in the falls even though Hari refused to come near the water. After maybe the best evening of the trip we went back to Srirangapatnam and boarded a bus to Mysore. We stayed at another Uncle's place for the night.

26th Jan:

We got up in the morning with absolutely no plan at all. We went to the terrace to catch a glimpse of the sunrise behind the famous 'Chamundi Hills'. Looking at the sunrise we decided to go to the hills. We took a bus to the hill top and spent time looking at the shops and beautiful scenery. We were unhappy with the bus journey since we couldn't catch most of the beautiful scenery spots. When we decided to leave I came up with an idea of walking down and both of them agreed. We walked down the entire 7km. People whom we passed through would certainly have thought,"Who are these jerks walking down the hill" as we were the only ones walking down. After a tiring one and a half hour walk we decided to quit the Tippu Palace and everything else in Mysore and decided to go straight back to B'lore.

It was 3pm when we left Mysore but we reached B'lore only at 8. I have no idea what took so long as there wasn't any traffic. We packed our bags and my uncle dropped us to the station. Again our berth was in RAC and again we had to share the berth.

We didn't visit many places at all as 4 days were too short. But we did enjoy the most. About 70% of the budget was spent on food. The year started really well for all of us and we decided to have such trips every year.


Kavin said...

thats great news... forgot to ask more about it in the phone call... seems u guys enjoyed a lot... :) I missed it... 'pompus' was hilarious... :P

Siddhartha said...

You guys walk, walk and walk when will you stop walking too much, by the age of 40 your knee cap's goin to get over used and you can't walk hahahaaa

rohan said...

inc clearly has missd out the fun we had at his uncle s place in mysore..i am talking about the slapstival...where inc cheeks turned so red that even an apple lookd pale compared to it....but we havnt laughed so hard in the whole year of 2009...cheers inc
nxt stop 'the far north'..hurrah