Saturday, February 20, 2010


Eeram is the latest movie produced by Director Shankar. The movie was okay (I was expecting a murder mystery). But there was one thing I couldn't believe when I saw or rather i should say, when I heard. The composer of Eeram was Thaman and he did a fairly good job. But I was totally frustrated when I heard a particular sound track which was a perfect copy of 'Stranger', from 'Dark Knight' (Yes, Kavin. The same track which sounds like the train, which you posted in your blog). 

You may think its a very common thing, copying BGM from Hollywood. Even I was used to all these but not this time. Its not because I love Hans Zimmer or because I was amazed by the masterpiece of 'Stranger', but because of the complexity of the music. This annoying sound famously composed to hype to tension behind Heath Ledger's Joker was no ordinary music. 

That simple sound took Zimmer more than a week to record. Recorded with Cello and Guitar and few other instruments, removing certain frequencies which create the noise, modulating few other frequencies - this was no ordinary feat by Zimmer. And its totally disappointing to hear a local composer copying it with absolutely no pain at all. 

The video below will give you an idea of how much of hard work Zimmer went through to record the track (6:27).

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