Thursday, February 25, 2010

Emergency Number 108

You would have heard about the emergency number '911' is US. A similar kind of emergency toll free number '108' has been introduced in India by Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI). This was introduced in 2005.

108 is basically for police, medical and fire (Prank calls to 108 will be tracked by police). 108 is currently used in 11 states across India and around 2000 ambulances are in use. The Government of India promises to bring it all across the country by 2011 and also bring about 10000 new ambulances.

It's nearly five years since 108 was introduced but none here have even heard about it. Indian Government should have made sure to advertise it properly but all they did was stick bills on buses. Who even bother to read the bills on buses??? I hope the service would be as good as the '911', like in Hollywood movies.

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