Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa Songs

Vinnaithanndi Varuvaayaa is the first album by A.R. Rahman for Goutham Menon. Its too early to say this but this could be the best album of the year. ARR proved to be versatile again. The songs are unique and original. It really amazes me on how ARR creates such unique songs even after 18 yrs of composing.

Omana Penne
A very beautiful romantic song. Melodious and the chorus is catchy. The song is calm throughout and it is one of the top songs of the album.

Anbil Avan
A nice dance beat song. Quite catchy! You will enjoy after repeated listening.

Vinnathaandi Varuvaayaa
I'm not a fan of this song but this is another master-piece of ARR. The chords used in this song is totally unique.

Starts as a lonely single but turns up into a heppy tune. My most favorite song of the album. The opening line is very strong. And what else to comment on Blaaze's rap??? The guitar strumming makes all the difference between the heppy part and the romantic part of the song.

Kannukkul Kannai
The Violin intro is really impressive. I have heard many tamil songs of the similar genre but none of them had been good enough. The difference was in the stereo rhythm and the violin intro that made the song more interesting to listen to.

Another best romantic from ARR undoubtedly. The two unique tunes for the same line 'Oru naal sirithen...' shows the versatility of ARR. Using Thirukural as a stanza is purely original and adds up to the meaning.

ARR is known for composing out of the league tunes for marriage related songs like Maangalyam (Alai Paayuthe) and Kummi Adi (Sillunu Oru Kaadhal). Here is another one. Would anyone think of composing a powerful tune for marriage related song??? The lyrics is in malayalam but when I read through the translation the lyrics sounded equally powerful.

Altogether I feel this is the best tamil album ARR has composed in quite sometime.

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